Let's Get It Started by Black Eyed Peas


If your wondering why I'm so excited it is because I have received my Full application today. :D
I have filled out what I can on my own and now I'm printing out the other forms so I can take them to school tomorrow.

I'm watching the 2010 Winter Olympics :D
*So this is going to be a short post...sorry*

My Name Is by Eminem

Introductions are in order, and the easest way to introduce myself is like this:
Birth Name: Marche but you can call me Adrianna
Age: 17
Grade: 11th (Junior year in America)
Current Residence: Atlanta, GA
My Family: Mom - Marcia & My Brother - Sedrick :D

That a little about me, now let me introduce this blog. WELCOME :D
I am making the blog to keep track of my adventures as an exchange student(hopefully). I have spent months trying to find the right program and I have gone through many options. I have looked at YFU, ROTARY, CIEE, AFS, and INTRAX. So I have officially picked the program I feel that is right for me and that program is (*insert drum roll here*)...........AFS. It was a hard decision for me to pick AFS but I just had to pick the right one.

First, YFU was the most cost efficient but they only send students to Britney, France.
Intrax - had very lack luster communication with me so :/ .
CIEE - leaves in early August and I work at a summer camp in the beginning of August so that was a no go (even tho I know a lot of people who have went through there program).
Lastly Rotary - You switch host families half way through your exchange, which may help some students but I think that knowing that I would be switching families wouldn't allow me to to get close to my first family.

So AFS just seemed perfect they stay in contact with me and I love them :)

I have sent off my Pre-App and I am awaiting my full application....let the adeventure begin!