O.M.G Usher ft Will.I.Am

Oh, well I'm updating this blog to say that nothing to exciting (relating to the exchange) has happened since my PDO.
PDO (Pre-Dparture Orientaion) was alright, I meet some amazing people that are going on exchange. We had an all female group which was kinda cool i guess. We talked about a lot of stuff like "Stranger Danger" :p and other random things like that.
Hmmm oh the last day of school was May 25th and graduation was the 27th. I was really happy on the 25th but on the 27th I got really sad. A lot of my friends are seniors and I had to imagine not seeing them for a year or longer...and then I realized that I wouldn't walk with my class... it mad me so sad, I almost cried on my Cello but i restrained myself :)
....June has been a pretty amazing month I love all of my friends. My Best Friends Birthday Party was this weekend and we have been celebrating this entire month :) I bought her concert tickets and we had so much fun (3oh!3 Cobra Starship = <3) He actually birthday is Wednesday tho so were gonna hang out again. Oh I'm also leaving July 9th to go to a wedding in Virginia and then July 11th I will be off to be a camp counselor for a month. I'm excited and when I get back I am going to have so much to do.

peace out home slice