Waiting by 311

So yesterday my advisor told me:
this was so awesome and I was on such a natural excitement high it was amazing and I felt so happy:)
Until I realized that I have to wait for AFS France to accept me
and apparently it might take 6-8weeks :/
so you know what that means...... it means that I am officially anxious, excited, and nervous.
So now lets play:
1. Submit Application (done)
2. Wait for Interview (done) - I kind of did this before I submitted my app.
3. Wait to see if your accepted by Native Country (done)
4. Wait to get accepted by your Host Country (done)
5. Wait for Host Family(waiting)
6. Wait for Departure(waiting)

Money Money Money by ABBA

So I received an email today, well a lot of emails from AFS and associates.

The first one was from the scholarship service letting me know that I have to send in a few forums.
The second from my AFS advisor stating that she received my App. but I forgot a few minor details so I'm going to go fix that problem when I'm done with this.
Lastly, the third was from the AFS Financial Wiki. They are finding ways to help AFSers get to the Countries. SO they have given me a ChipIn (the thing to the right of the page). This gadget allows those generous people reading my blog to help me achieve my goal of going to France. Also the money goes directly to AFS so there is no middle man.

Well I need to go get this stuff in so
Please help me by donating it is 100% safe and any amount helps :D