ohana means family :D
There are a million things to say, because I've kind of slacked off writing (Sorry!).

Part 1: Host City
Marigne-Peuton, France! Marigne-Peuton is 298km away from Paris, it is 84km away from Rennes, and 53km away from Angers :)

Pays: France
Région: Pays de la Loire
Département: Mayenne
Arrondissement: Château-Gontier
Population: 551 :O my current school has 1100 kids in it that is amazing :)
Postal Code: 53200
Mayor: Philippe Bouvet

Part 2: Host Family
Mom: Renee
Dad: Michel
Son: Matthieu (22)
Son: Vincent (20)
Animals: 1 Dog 1 Cat and a ton of cows :)
House: on a Farm :)
Pool?: Not that i know of
School Distance: 15 mins away from house by car
Starting school: Immediately after I arrive

I have a host mom a host dad and two host brothers over 18 so I guess I will be like an only child....idk....

I've e-mailed my host dad a couple times He seems really nice, and I'm really excited to meet my family. I think they all speak some English, so that should be useful.

Part 3: Departure
Departure: September 2nd
Arrival: September 3rd

Part 4: Freaking Out
Wow...I leave in 31 days... for a year... I'm really really excited... Like, REALLY excited....

More to come as the day nears

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